Our aim is to restore India’s health by providing chemical-free and organic products inspired by our ancient traditions.

Organic and sustainable farming were the two integral principles of the ancient Vedic philosophy.

Back in those days, everything was untouched by chemicals, pure and harmoniously in sync with the planet. Nature provided us everything we need to grow and survive. And in return were protected and revered as deities of worship.

Fast forward to today where time-tested farming practices have been replaced with modern technologies. They are slowly but steadily destroying biodiversity and adding poison to our daily lives.

These days, terms like ‘organic’ and ‘sustainable’ are mere marketing claims for many players in the market. It has even led the common man to consider the organic lifestyle to be an indulgence for the rich and luxurious.

This is what we are striving to change.

In 2017, Vedic Way was founded with a mission to bring back ancient organic farming practices that our ancestors successfully followed for centuries.

We aim to remove toxins from your life by making our soil fertile once again. We want to give you pure milk to drink and residue-free agri-produce to eat. 

We want to raise disease-free children who will uplift our humanity further. We want our kids to grow up to respect and appreciate the resources and wisdom our ancestors left for us.

By highlighting our local and regional produce, we want to empower our hard-working farmer community who have joined us in this organic movement.

This is our journey. Our Passion. Our Vision.

Residue Free

All our products are free from chemical residues that deteriorate your health.

Vocal for Local

Every product is proudly sourced and made in India to boost the local economy.


Promoting sustainable packaging options so no toxins are leached into your food.

No False Claims

Each cow at our farm is genetically-tested to ensure it gives milk with A2 allele only.

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