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Add Love with A2 Gir Cow Ghee

Picture this.

‘Steaming hot rice on your plate. Your grandmother adds dal to it. And even before you dip your fingers for a hearty meal, she pours a spoonful of ghee…
And that just melts your heart away.’

Over the years, gratifying tasty food has become the language of love. And grandmothers who cooked it, our favourites. They would effortlessly hand-grind the spices, choose the freshest of the ingredients and make dishes to perfection, which we relished. Be it the hot Kada after a rainy evening or the tangy pickles, stored in jars.

A childhood memory. A lifelong imprint.

Just as pure as the heart that cooked them was, today food is adulterated junk and is slowly moving away from ‘cooked with love’. Food today is quick to make, machine handled, and made from not the choicest materials. With ingredients that are manufactured by large-scale industries, the importance of keeping it authentic and healthy is long lost.

Luckily, VedicWay, a leading Indian brand that deals with pure ghee is on the mission to revive the traditional cultures of good food. Established in the year 2017, in the state of Maharashtra, VedicWay is spread over 60 acres of land. Home to 80 cows of the Gir breed, VedicWay has grown to a brand known for dairy products, crop fertilizers and is soon expanding in the fresh fruits & vegetable category, delivering pan India.

A brand with core ancient wisdom rooted in India, VedicWay runs on the primary mission to restore India’s health by providing chemical-free and organic products inspired by our ancient traditions.

VedicWay believes that keeping the daadis & naanis’ language of love is the only form of healthy real food. Derived keeping in mind the ancient methods scripted in the Vedas, the company ensures that ghee contains all essentials nutrients, unaltered right from the scratch.

Let’s dive into a spoonful of India’s A2 cow ghee

A2 Vedic ghee (check for the name) is gathered from cows that are honoured than merely owned. The process starts by milking the cow at the Brahma Muhuthram (4:00 am -6:00 am) from desi A2 cows. The specialty of these cows is that they are bred feeding organic grass are hormone-free and antibiotic-free.

Unlike the dairy conglomerates, the milk then is heated as a whole to preserve the goodness. The milk processes into curd without any separation of the cream. Slowly churned in a wooden churner to get butter.

This butter is then slowly heated on low cow dung fire to get Bilona- the original desi ghee, making this process a wholesome of one whole day. Stored in glass jars, the product is stored in a cool temperature. Just like wine, ghee is most beneficial as it ages, increasing in the medicinal properties. For commercial and adherence to food standards, the ghee bottles are labelled with a shelf life of a year from manufacturing.

Contained in a glass jar while packaged and then sent to our customers, we make sure that the essence of love is tightly contained. This cycle continues as customers are genuinely satisfied and happy with the quality of the product. With the promise of goodness & nourishment, we ensure that the ghee contains therapeutic & healing properties. Untouched, from the cows to your food.

From food to the language of love, choose us to make your heart melt away.

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