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Best milk for kids : A2 milk

‘Is A2 milk a better alternative for my baby compared to regular milk?’

This is a question on every parent’s mind these days.

And why not, it is a deciding factor in your child’s health. Milk is a key part of every child’s diet. Breast Milk is the primary source of nutrition during the first few months of life. And once they are weaned off, you need to continue providing them the nourishment through other milk alternatives.

Most dairy companies sell A1 milk sourced from hybrid cow breeds. But with A2 milk now entering the Indian market as the alternative, you may wonder if it is actually healthier for your baby or just a marketing gimmick.

Why Is A2 Milk A Better Choice for Your Babies?

1. No Adulteration

All the rumors that you hear about fake, chemical-laden milk being sold in the market are sadly true. Regular A1 milk is in no way close to the pure desi milk you grew up drinking. Not only is it diluted with water, but it also has residues of hormones injected to the cows to produce more milk. To make sure your baby gets pure, residue-free stuff, you need to opt for organic A2 milk sourced from desi Gir cows.

2. Similar To Breast Milk

When you look at the beta-casein protein chains of a1 vs A2 milk, the protein chain of A2 milk is closer to human breast milk. Human breast milk does not have the A1 beta-casein protein found in genetically-altered hybrid A1 cows. This A1 beta-casein leads to the formation of a peptide called BCM-7 which negatively affects your child’s immune system. A2 milk prevents BCM-7 from being absorbed in the body and hence is better for the overall digestive health of your child.

3. Offers More Nutrients

Nutrients are vital for the proper growth and development of your child’s body during their initial years. And A2 milk is clearly the winner when compared to A1 milk when it comes to their nutritional profile. Our Desi Gir cows are fed only organic fodder and hence yield a higher quality of milk compared to the milk sourced from hybrid cow breeds. So organic A2 cow milk has a higher amount of essentials nutrients like vitamins A, D, calcium etc. Your child will develop stronger bones and a more robust immunity system to protect him from diseases if you choose A2 milk.

4. Better Cognitive Performance

A paper published in the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (JPGN) has found that A1 milk has a negative effect on the cognitive function of the brains of pre-school kids(source). Since almost 80% of your baby’s brain will be developed by the age of 5, A2 milk is definitely the better choice.

5. Love Over Greed 

To sell more milk and make higher profits, most dairy farms snatch the calf away from their mothers at birth, an act of true cruelty. As a mother, even the thought of being separated from your child would cause you immense pain, right?

Hence, at our farms, we milk the cow only after her baby has been fed well. We get less milk this way but it ensures those innocent animals are not subjected to cruelty for human greed.

As a parent, you have the power and the responsibility to give your children the best nutrition they need to stay healthy. So wouldn’t you want to ensure the milk they drink every day is safe and helping them grow properly?

Choose Vedic Way to get pure, chemical-free and organic A2 cow milk from certified Desi Gir cows delivered to your doorsteps.

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