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The Dessert of Rose Petals

Remember the time your grandparents chose a glass of sweet-smelling water over any antacid after a heavy meal?
The sweet-smelling water was nothing but a wholesome glass of Gulkand mixed with water to help digestion, eradicate acidity and aid in quality sleep- the traditionally tested way.

Gulkand in simpler terms is a proportionate mixture of rose petals and rock sugar (mishri) that is sweet & delicious to taste. Often used as a component in paan, Gulkand’s comforting aroma is worth the mention.

How is Gulkand made?

Traditionally, Gulkand is made of Rose petals and Rock sugar. At VedicWay, we do it with a twist- we keep it completely organic. Starting by choosing fully bloomed Damask species of rose, we clean and dry it well. Then hand grind the petals to release the juices and mix them with mishri- rock sugar which is again organically obtained. After 40-65 days of sun-drying in an unadulterated process, VedicWay’s Gulkand is packaged and delivered with love.

Benefits of Gulkand

With mentions in the Vedas, it’s sure that Gulkand is filled with health benefits, in abundance. So why consume VedicWay’s Gulkand?

Natural Mouth Freshener
Made from natural ingredients that are organically grown, Gulkand is the most wholesome mouth freshener that helps brighten the mood and odour of the mouth.

Cooling Effects
After a tiring hectic day at work, a glass of Gulkand water can do magic. The cooling properties of Gulkand help cut down excess heat in the body, keeping the mind and the body energized. Works like magic in mood rejuvenation, removal of lethargy and body exhaustion.

Reduces the gastric complications
Heavy meals or spicy foods can often cause indigestion, followed by chest burns, acidity, ulcers and gastric problems. Gulkand eases digestion and helps in cooler bowel movements.

The powerful antioxidant
Consumption of fast foods, junk foods at inappropriate time intervals can fill the body with toxins that later worsen to fatal long-term diseases, eg: thyroid, cancer and more. Gulkand consumption every day acts as a powerful antioxidant, helps cell repair and keeps diseases at bay.

Reliever from Menstrual Cramps
Women at today’s age often suffer from PCOS or heavy bleeding followed by cramps. Gulkand’s relieving properties heal from pain and help the body treat excessive discharge problems.

Purifies blood
Loaded with antioxidants, Gulkand aids in blood purification. Thus healthy blood means better heart functioning, smoother organ functioning, clearer skin, better oxygen reach to the body and longer living.

Gulkand before stepping out
Heat strokes are the scariest during summers. And Gulkand is the solution. Having a spoon of Gulkand before stepping out prevents sunstroke, heat faints and even controls nostril bleeding.

Water Content Retention
As Gulkand is 90% water, consumption helps maintain the body’s water levels. Regulated water levels help the body stay hydrated and eliminates the chances of urine infections and kidney failure.

Gulkand as a therapist
Gulkand’s sweet and soothing aroma is the best mood rejuvenator. Aids in reducing stress and calming the nervous system.

Doesn’t harm the liver
Unlike medications that can have side effects and take a toll on the liver, Gulkand consumption leads to no such problems. Composed of rose petals and rock sugar- both naturally obtained, Gulkand can not harm the body. This saves expensive medical treatments and leads to healthier living.

Why use Rock Sugar over Refined Sugar?

Rock sugar also known as candy sugar or rock sugar or Mishri is obtained by cooling sugar obtained from sugarcane. Often in crystal shapes, the use of rock sugar is common in Asian cuisines and is used as a natural mild sweetener.

Relieves cough & sore throat
Cough & sore throat due to cold can be disturbing. Mishri is believed to contain medicinal properties and nutrients that help curb the spread and relieve it. Also helps clear off excess mucus.

Boosts the haemoglobin levels
Disorders like anemia, pale skin, dizziness, weakness and general exhaustion can be caused due to the lack of enough blood in the body. Rock sugar is proven to regulate blood circulation and helps stabilize haemoglobin levels.

Digestive Treat
Often Mishri is placed along with fennel seeds as a mouth freshener. However, only very few people know about the digestive aid of Mishri with fennel.

The Gulkand Options

Gulkand is a dish best served during summers- refreshing the whole mood. Fortunately, Gulkand can be consumed in many more varieties for people of all age groups:

  1. Gulkand Water
  2. Gulkand Milkshake
  3. Gulkand Seviyan Kheer
  4. Gulkand Malpua
  5. Herbal Gulkand Paan
  6. Coconut Karanji with Gulkand filling
  7. Sweet Beeda
  8. Gulkand Thandai
  9. Gulkand Barfi
  10. Gulkand Kulfi

If you have been avoiding Gulkand due to weight issues, then now is the right time to dig in, guilt-free. Enjoy organic Gulkand by VedicWay and choose a healthy Vedic way of living.

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