Jeevamrit (Soil Conditioner)


Pack Size: 1 Ltr

Available in Solapur City only.

Organic | Indigenous Ingredients | 100% Natural


Vedic Way’s ‘Jivamrit’ is a ground-breaking, all-natural and chemical-free plant growth promoter that massively increases crop yield for organic farming.

    • Helps avoid harmful chemical fertilizers that degrade soil quality and are linked to various health issues as well.
    • Suitable for small home gardens as well as large farms.
    • Enhances leaf size and promotes flowering.
    • Makes fruits, pulses, and vegetables look fresh.



What exactly is Vedic Way’s Jivamrit?

Jivamrit is a proprietary formula inspired by the traditional fertilizer recipe known as Jeevamrut. Jeevamrut is made by fermenting cow dung, cow urine, jaggery, etc.

The key ingredients of Jivamrit are cow dung and cow urine which have been used as a manure in India for growing crops for centuries.

Key Benefits of Vedic Way Jivamrit for Organic Farming:

  • Jivamrit increases crop yield that usually drops when switching to organic farming.
  • Jivamrit will also restore the count of friendly bacteria and other microbes in the soil killed by the constant use of chemical fertilizers.
    It improves the pH level of the soil since the Jivamrit is acidic in nature.
    It is rich in nutrients required to promote the growth of plants and crops organically.
  • This natural soil enricher is like a life elixir that will revive your soil quality and help you grow crops without the use of chemicals or pesticides.  So choose Vedic Way Jivamrit  for environment-friendly organic farming practice.


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10 reviews for Jeevamrit (Soil Conditioner)

  1. Radhika Vaidya

    Due to increased temperatures all the plants in the home garden were dying off, this fertiliser helped rejuvenate them and helped in their growth.

  2. Mehboob Gandhi

    Used in gardening, had incredible results!

  3. Pallavi J

    The best part of this is its organic and gives exceptional results..

  4. Narendra Lajpat

    Was thrilled to see the outcome after using this in small patch of our farm! Now have used on all the fields…its superb and no chemicals used!

  5. Angel Koshy

    My plants have flowered again..! Thank you!

  6. Jatin Yarnal

    Very good liquid fertiliser.

  7. Rupesh Sawant

    The density, flowering and yield has just grown..🙏🏻🙏🏻👌🏻

  8. Dinesh F.


  9. Rehman A.

    A boon to the soil !

  10. Shaurya Kumar.

    This product proves that chemicals are not really necessary in the farming! It is revolutionary! Thank you for this one as it made very affordable as well!

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