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Significance of Indian Native Cow Milk (A2 Milk)

India, known to worship cattle, accounts to have 37 cattle breeds of pure Indian lineage in present day. The Indian history states to have only Indian native cattle breeds until the European cow breeds like Jersey, Holstein Friesian, Swiss Brown etc were introduced in India in the 19th century for having high milk yield. The Indian farmers or cattle owners switched to the European breeds since the Jersey Cow yields up to 20 litres per day while the Native cow produced anywhere between 1.5 to 5 litres except for certain Native breeds like Sahiwal and Gir which produced up to 10 litres. This adoption of the foreign breeds – which are known to be mixed-breed – led to the extinction of many native cattle breeds, a very serious consequence to this seemingly good intentioned move.

The major effect due to the switched breeds was found in the quality of milk. The pure breeds were known to have a protein called A2 beta-casein which is closer to the human milk structure and is easier to digest while it also boosts immunity. The hybrid cattles have A1 beta-casein protein which is a result of genetic mutation introduced within the cattle and breeds like Jersey, Holstein Friesian, Swiss Brown etc are bred from the cows with the mutated genes which causes the milk of these breeds to have A1 protein.  The A1 protein in the milk is not easily digestible and causes inflammation in the digestive tract and also causes certain chronic illnesses like Type 1 diabetes, Heart diseases, autism etc.

Being closer to the human milk structure, Indian native cattle milk is proven to have health benefits unlike European cattle’s milk which are noted to cause side effects on human body. The benefits of the Indian Pure breed cow milk is also mentioned in Ayurveda and the Vedas.

The re-adoption of our ancient culture is also a call for conservation, a responsibility of every citizen, since there are only 37 Indian native cattle breeds remaining. We, at Vedic Farms, are proud to be nurturing few of the ancient cow breeds of India and the only organic milk producers of the country under our brand Vedic Way. The cattle on the Vedic Farms, located in Solapur, Maharashtra are free grazing cows with organic fodder as their feed. We being animal lovers make sure that the calf is fully fed before milking the cows and the milking is done by hand whilst maintaining hygiene to make it pain-free for the cattle. Vedic Way has also taken an initiative to be a sustainable brand and hence, we refuse to use plastic and deliver milk in the traditional glass bottles. The organic fodder and the conservational maintenance of the cows results in higher market price but with our customers feedback can vouch that it has the value for money! 

This milk will be made available in Hyderabad soon under the brand Vedic Way. Help us conserve the nature and protect the cattle by buying yourself a bottle of Milk, all this while moving towards a healthier future for yourself and your family.

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